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“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” -Albert Einstein


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” -Dr. Seuss


"Can you imagine what
I would do if I could do all I can?" -Sun Tzu

Meet Mina – Our Art Director
Mina’s Motto

After watching the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield’s talk on why ‘Stories are Important’, it has all became clear in my head. It was just like the day when I went to get Paul Weller’s new album on vinyl:  I went out to a music store in Oxford Circus, London, and after looking thoroughly I couldn’t find it, then I asked the shop assistant and he said: ‘Sorry it only comes on CD, not on vinyl’. I went out the shop feeling both disappointed and angry. Firstly, I did not have a CD player yet, secondly, at the time my mantra was that people who preferred CDs over vinyl were somehow not ‘getting’ the real thing. CD players were not for the ‘real music fans’, I thought.  I had the best turntable and a vast collection of records then.  Soon, I realized I had no choice, and went to buy a CD player and not long after, I started really enjoying the new experience.


During my working life in publishing, I became a great spectator of attitudes and how they change in the book and IP world, the ways in which the we present information, the ideas and more. I remember, back in 1999 at work, some editors were also feeling angry, just like me at the music store, about the ebooks phenomenon.  They did not like it, nor the electronic manuscripts and the new formats on the fly.


Now I am a real convert. I am not sure that is the right word, but what I mean is, I really enjoy the new electronic world, the information age and the ebooks now. It really is a revolution and I am so happy to be witnessing this revolution. I like ebooks, love apps, and even more I love apps as play toys. I love them so much that I now design apps as play toys and books.


Coming back to my opening line, the importance of the ‘story’ and Greenfiled’s talk; I realized that this talk very much affirmed my passion for making play apps. The idea of  a ‘story’ is placed in the center when design play apps.  My company motto is to have play apps as ‘stories’: they all have introductions, middles and ends, just how games should be. I think this a great new direction in visualizing the new electronic world for kids. Have a play but have it so that it’s a story you can play.


My first game is on Fashion Design, dressing up and the catwalk.  The idea is to bring the elements of fashion design into play as an app. In the Fashion House App, kids are able to experience a game that helps to thinking creatively: player can select a character, a garment and a fabric swatch. Next, we are in the sewing room and the fabric is set out ready for cutting. After cutting the pattern out, the sewing machine is ready take off on its journey. The clothes are ready to be fitted in the dress room. Finally, we have a catwalk to ‘show off’, take pictures and share. Enjoy the catwalk and mind the duck! My second app is a play on ‘doctors’ and ‘patience’ and good nutrition cures all.


Meet ‘Cid’, the illustrator behind ‘Fashion House’
and ‘Boutique Vampire’ Apps!

About Cid — Carlos de la Peña: Cid lives in Mexico and often talks about his great recipe for the home made nutella and his state of art self built computer.  Cid’s love and hate relationship with our Art Director Mina, may lead to a new Nutella like chocolate spread to come onto a market called the ‘Minella’! The new jar of chocolate spread will be placed right next to Mina’s ‘Panic Button’ in her office desk!


How long did it take you to create the concept design and complete the illustrations for the Fashion House App?

The actual concept is based on the Art Director’s brief and it was a great challenge and a fun game idea. It took me 2 weeks to get my proposed play interface design on paper and then 4 more weeks to finalise the work completely.  Even after that time, we had spent few more days for small changes.


Can you introduce to us briefly to your cute and adorable characters in Fashion House?

Amy is the girl with dark hair. Amy really likes colors red and purple for her dress choices. Amy has a pet duck and she takes her out almost every day. The young boy Finlay is really into guitars. Finlay likes to be fashionable with lots of different fabrics styles. His favorite fabric is the one with polar bears. The doll’s name is Lilly and she has a really nice plush toy rabbit and often goes out with him in her bag, she likes collecting plush toys. The teddy bear is called  Arty, as Arty likes arts, crafts and travel. They all have one passion in common which is fashion design.


Meet Çağlar- illustrator behind Lala Doctors: Super Juice

About — Çağlar:  Çağlar lives in Turkey and loves animations, lives for comics. His recent favourite is the Regular Show in Cartoon Network. He is an avid filmster and never misses a new movie. We often hear Mina and Çağlar laughing and wonder if they ever do any work in the office.


What has been the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome in the development process of Super Juice?

I am happy that you asked me this usual question, and my process was far from being the usual routine.  I found this project very unique and in a nut shell; I made 2 entirely different illustrations.  Previously,  I have been drawing in different painting styles and made up my initial work in a totally in that style. Then really was not sure about the my illustration  style,  and decided to re-make it all. After 4 weeks of work, I went on 2 more weeks to re-create the entire illustrations and scrapped the initial illustrations. There was a my kind of  ’eureka’  moment one day and there it came the Super Juice style of painting and my animals on paper. I have to thank my  the art director in supporting my decision of re-make and allowing me to kill all the pre-set deadlines. Now, we both love the new illustration much more then the first rounders. So the answer is is to re-invent ones own style was the hardest obstacle in this project.


Can you introduce us briefly to your characters?

Hmm... You have to see it for your self in the App, they can talk very well!